Blind Man’s Bluff


Based on a novel by Lilly Perry Amitai, Blind Man's Bluff takes a bittersweet look at the life of a young Israeli woman.

Trying to distance herself from her Holocaust survivor parents and ex-boyfriend, pianist Micki Stav moves out of her parents' house in search of her own identity. She moves into a small apartment but remains caught in a lattice of demanding relationships. Tension increases as Micki tries to succeed in the classical music world. Her eclectic new neighbors, though, introduce her to a new world of desires in which Micki finds the courage to confront her problems and emerge as an independent and mature woman.
1993, 93min // Hebrew


Hait Dasberg
Danny Litany


Director: Aner Preminger

Producers: Chaim Sharir, Aner
Preminger, Yaacov Eisenman

Director of Photography: Yaacov

Editor: Tova Ascher

Sound: Shabtai Sarig

Production Designer & Art Director:
Eitan Levi