About Aner Preminger

aner-premingerAn independent filmmaker and a film scholar. Since 1986 he has been a film director, producer and writer.

Prof. Aner Preminger (Ph.D) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (tenure position) & Associate Professor, Department of Film & Television, Sapir Academic College: Films tutor; (tenure position)

In addition, Preminger was:
2012-2014 - Head of Film Track, the department of Film & Television, Sapir Academic College.
2011-2012 - Head of the department of Film & Television, Sapir Academic College.

Preminger has published the books: 

François Truffaut – Cinema as an act of Love (English); 
François Truffaut – The Man Who Loved Films (Hebrew). 
Enchanted Screen: A Chronology of Media & Language (Hebrew).

Among his films (fiction films):

Present Continuous, Last ResortBlind Man's Bluff, Front Window; (documentary films) One Eye Wide Open, Ransom of the Father, MoscobiaOn My Way to Father's Land.

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